20 Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Danielle Bilbruck

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday and if you don’t yet know what you’re getting Mom, or you checked your bank account and realized that maybe hugs don’t cost anything, don’t panic. Here are ___ ways that you can show Mom just how much you care without slapping a large price tag on your love:

  1. Find an old photo of you and Mom when you were just a kid. Put it in a new frame or use Pinterest to learn ways of crafting your memory in a new way!
  2. Make all the meals that day. Using only what Mom already has in her fridge and pantry, put together your breakfast/lunch/dinner menu and make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger in planning, prep, or cleaning! (Need meal ideas? Another great time for Pinterest!)
  3. Does Mama have chores that need to be done or a home repair or maintenance task that’s been on the list for ages? Time to help out with cleaning the gutters, organizing the basement, or installing those new cabinets!
  4. Satisfy the sweet tooth. Sugarwish allows Mom to pick out her favorite candy, in case you were guessing all these years, for a small fee to you!
  5. Get out in the garden! Seeds are inexpensive and only require water, dirt, sunshine, and a little extra love. Pick out a flower that you and Mom can plant together!
  6. A little aromatherapy is good for the soul. Check out Pinterest again for tips on how to make Mom her own signature scented lotions, essential oils, soaps, or salt and sugar scrubs.
  7. Movie night. Pick out Mom’s favorite movies on Netflix, break out the popcorn and wine or soda, and kick back. Bonus points: boxed wine is cheaper by the ounce and lasts longer than bottled wine, and is just as good, PLUS popcorn kernels are cheaper than the microwave stuff. Get your pioneer on and make homemade popcorn instead!
  8. Are you crafty or creative? Write Mom a poem, document a short story of your favorite memory with her, draw a picture, or upcycle something that showcases her favorite kid’s talent.
  9. If you’re not creative at all, but you really want something inexpensive and unique for Mom, check out Etsy’s Mother’s Day shop–find one-of-a-kind jewelry or home decor she’ll love forever!
  10. Get her car looking clean and brand-new by either taking it to a car wash, or washing and detailing it yourself.
  11. Pen a flowery thank-you message to Mom on Facebook, crediting her for all her hard work in raising you. Bonus: include a series of pictures from those old photo albums or from your favorite memories together at any age!
  12. Donate to a cause Mom cares about, or figure out a time when you can volunteer together at your favorite organization.
  13. Loan Mom your favorite book or movie and give her a chance to love what you love as much as you do!
  14. Does Mom have a craft or skill she loves to do, or a hobby she loves to participate in? Whether that’s knitting, bicycling, gardening, or cooking, ask her to join you and do it together! Bonus points: you could learn a thing or two!
  15. Bake something to remember. Find out what gets Mom’s sweet tooth and incorporate it into a cake, cupcakes, or cookies especially for her. Bonus points: use icing or frosting to craft a special thank-you message on the sweet treat.
  16. Call her. Can’t be near your Mom on Mother’s Day? Often, she just wants to hear your voice. Set up a phone date and catch her up on your life…and don’t forget to ask her about hers! Bonus points: FaceTime, Skype, or some other kind of video call so she can see your face!
  17. Make sure she has reminders every day about how much you love her. If you’re guilty of not telling her enough, let her celebrate Mother’s Day all month or all year long: write down your favorite parts about her on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar or tin can–she can pick out a new one every day and read about how much you love her!
  18. Give her a bottle of wine she’ll want as a keepsake. Print out a unique wine bottle label for her that shows how much you care.
  19. Sometimes comfort is key. Get Mom a new fuzzy pair of slippers she can wear around the house or a comfy bathrobe she can hang out in when she really wants to relax.
  20. Give Mom a makeover by doing her makeup or hair, or painting her nails for a new look for the day!

You can use these ideas or make them inspiration for your own unique Mother’s Day gift idea!