New Year, New You: Top 3 Investing Considerations for 2015

By Andy Hayes

It’s a new year – a time that we vie for resolutions and ponder our fresh new intentions.  And it’s no secret that many new year resolutions include a money component.

Are you feeling a renewed purpose this year on your investing goals?  Here are three tactics we’d like you to consider that may help you make further strides on your goals.

1. Time for tech to support you – not get in the way.

Technology is making huge strides each year (with the obvious exception being the extra-huge iPhone).  But are you using tech to help you, or distract you from your goals?

Some examples of technology that isn’t helping you:  expensive gadgets that you spend hours trying to understand, monthly software you pay for and never use.

Instead, look for technology that supports you.  That could be setting up automation on your accounting software, or phone apps that help you take better notes / drink more water / practice mindfulness.

2. Upgrade your news sources.

The stock markets are tied to global economic news, but your 5 o’clock news isn’t always the best source for investor-relevant news – consider upgrading your news sources.  We’re impartial to Seeking Alpha, where our founder is a regular contributor.  You might also consider some of our favorite personal finance bloggers and our recommended global market news sites.  And following on from our earlier recommendation, apps like Flipboard or Zite can also help you source and sift through incoming newsfeeds – don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

3. Find yourself a finance accountability buddy.

Last but not least, trying to reach your goals along can be challenging.  If you don’t have someone cheering you on, it’s time to change that!  Find a finance accountability buddy that can join you for classes or events, can help cheer you on when nearing your goals, and can be a sounding board when examining new investing strategies and opportunities.   Having an accountability buddy also helps encourage you to get really clear on your goals, as you’ll need to articulate them to your partner.  You can even get an online accountability partner!

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