5 Great Apps for Managing Your Budget

By Andy Hayes

Trying to stretch and find a few extra dollars to invest in the stock market and other investment opportunities?

You’d be surprised how easy it easy to find savings simply by better tracking your budget.  By staying on top of your finances, you’ll be alert to how much costs can add up on minor expenses like coffees and cocktails, eating out, and fees from banks and other providers.

Managing a budget doesn’t have to be painful – skip the spreadsheets and check out these 5 great apps that make managing your money a lot easier.

1. Mint (Free)

Apple / Android


Mint has long had a web application that connects to your banking and credit card companies, pulling in all transactions and categorizing them for you.  Once you get it going, it provides really handy reporting about where you’re spending money and where you can improve.  They do promote targeted offers to their users – but I’ve found they’re really well targeted and don’t come across as spammy.  Their Apple and Android apps give you a quick view to your online account, so you have to set that up first, but it is well worth the effort.

2. DailyCost ($1.99)

Apple only


Just want to track and chat your expenses without all of Mint’s bells and whistles?  Then DailyCost is for you (if you have an iPhone, that is).  The apps many charts and color-coded progress charts are simply elegant – proof that keeping your spending in check can actually be a beautiful thing.

3. Amazon Pricecheck (Free)

Apple / Android


You don’t need an Amazon Prime account to benefit from Amazon’s incredible inventory power.  I use the Amazon Price Check app all the time – sometimes, it helps figure out if you’re getting a good deal on what you’re about to buy, and other times, it helps with quickly checking reviews of an item before  buying.  Retailers don’t provide reviews and recommendations in their store, but with this app, you’ve got everything you need just 1 barcode scan away.  If you just can’t seem to curb your spending, try spending more wisely.

4. Moneywise (Free, Pro Version $6.98)

Android only


Although I’ll readily admit that Moneywise’s app is rather old school in design, especially compared to Mint or Daily Cost, the app’s functionality and ability to track budgets on the go is superb.  Between categories and tags, you can quickly get a handle on your outgoing expenses and look for where you can improve.  A great option especially for Android users.  The pro version removes the ads as well as enables more useful tagging features.

5. Check (Free)

Apple / Android


Looking for an app that does more than just expenses?  Check (formerly PageOnce) goes beyond expenses and helps you proactively manage bills to avoid late payments and helps you keep an eye on all of your account balances.  Available for both Apple and Android, the interface is simple and straightforward, and adding all of your accounts into the system couldn’t be easier.

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