About Us

Finding stocks for long-term investments shouldn’t be so hard.

Did you know that only 5% of Americans qualify for the services of most “wealth management” firms?

Worse, only 9% of Americans are confident in their retirement investing strategy; the rest either do not invest at all, or they invest in cash or savings plans that will not generate a sum sizable enough for retirement.

Everyone deserves to be educated and empowered to invest in themselves and their financial future.

That’s why we designed the wealth calculator – to help the average investor understand the impacts of their current financial decisions on their financial future. That’s also why we offer our free 6-week course on investing, and our blog filled with resources and recommendations to keep you going on our journey to financial freedom. We also have partnered with Betterment, a tool to help you take action and start investing today.

The Wealth Calculator is brought to you by the team at StocksForTheWeek.com

Our founder Kevin Stewart, CFA, worked in finance for more than 25 years before striking out on his own, seeking a fresh approach on stock investing.

“My goal is for everyone to have a long term plan for their investing. A lot of
people who are so incredibly bright and proficient in their own field, but
when it comes to stocks, they feel like they’re a beginner. Like any other
topic, it takes time to learn it and understand it.”Kevin Stewart - Stocks For The Week