Ultimate Financial Goal Planner

It’s Always Best to Have a Plan

Knowing what you need and what you want, and having a solid budgeting plan to help get you there, is one of the most important steps in building financial health.

Budgets are powerful tools that are much more than simply marking down every latte you buy — a wealth building budget is about allocating your finances to align to your life goals. This means ensuring you are on track to gradually save for that dream house, wedding, or new business nest egg, while also allocating money toward retirement, and still having money left over to enjoy your life today. This can get pretty complicated, but we developed a very easy planning tool — it’s simply a Excel spreadsheet you’ll use each month — and with it you will map your financial future and create a plan for lasting financial health

We call this our The Ultimate Financial Goal Planner.

“A wealth building budget is about allocating your
finances to align to your life goals”

We’ve Done The Hard Part For You

We’ve figured out all the complicated math you need on the backend, you just log your goals and track your finances and our Goal Planner shows you how you’re progressing toward your life and wealth goals.

The Goal Planner helps you take incremental and regular steps toward each financial goal, while still keeping in mind the longer goals as well.

Try It On For Size

The fun part of this Goal Planner is that, similar to the Wealth Calculator, you can experiment with many different scenarios to see how this changes your wealth outcomes. With the Goal Planner, however, you actually get a roadmap as well! Simply input the amount of money you want for that goal, and the corresponding boxes on the spreadsheet will tell you how much money you need to save per month to ensure that you can reach that goal in the timeline you outlined.

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Don’t Go It Alone

We recommend you download the Planner and then use our full guide to fill in the most important aspects of the Goal Planner.

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