What You Need to Know About Opportunity Cost

By Andy Hayes

Our founder Kevin Stewart recently participated in the Money Mastermind Show episode on Opportunity Cost.  It’s a useful, down-to-earth conversation on what opportunity cost is, and the different aspects we should evaluate it on.

The other panelists featured on the show:


Some of the big takeaways from the group discussion:

  • The impact of opportunity cost is not just money – it also impacts how you spend your time, your environment, and your relationships.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your life – if the $3/day latte truly makes you happy, buy it and enjoy it!
  • Everyone’s opportunity costs are different, so be sure to check in with yourself, review your budget, and make sure you know your own priorities.
  • The holidays are when we easily make careless money decisions.

Big thanks to the Money Mastermind Show for having us!  You can see all of their previous episodes right here on Youtube.

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